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My Sister’s Keeper

I am my sister’s keeper.
We are in this together.

Not to win
Not to compete
Not to conquer

But to educate
To nurture
To  help.

We are each other’s keeper.

Let us celebrate
The power within us all
To make the difference
To change the world!

---Dr. Natasha Josefowitz

Please join NYS AAUW in working to be "My Sister's Keeper"

Help with the "Free the Girls" project!

Turning Opposition into Opportunity: The WPBS special panel discussion that preceded the Half the Sky national broadcast event on Oct. 1 & 2, 2012. This was underwritten by the branches of District 7 - the Jefferson County & St. Lawrence County Branches. It features our very own UN AAUW representative, Melissa Guardaro! Watch it now! http://watch.wpbstv.org/video/2285989279

My Sister's Keeper 3.0 Update.

There are many resources available for focusing on different areas that need attention:

MSK Overview

My Sister's Keeper 3.0
The work continues for 2012-13 with MSK 3.0.  This year NYS AAUW has redoubled its efforts and adopted the same focus as the United Nations’ Commission on the Status of Women (CSW). This year we will concentrate on violence against women and girls, in all its forms. This includes, but is not limited to, physical and emotional abuse, child marriage, and human trafficking both domestic and international.
We urge branches to keep this focus when planning programs, volunteering, advocating, and educating. Following the lead of the CSW we will heighten awareness of these issues, work towards prevention, and advocate for and support those who have been victimized.

My Sister's Keeper 2.0
(Year 2 Program Introduced at Summer Leadership, 2011)

The focus of the efforts in the second year of the statewide project, My Sister’s Keeper, centered on sustainability and providing enduring opportunities.
As MSK 2.0 progressed, the initial question before launching each initiative was “Will this be sustainable?” Prompted by the belief that donor-dependent, philanthropic initiatives had to evolve to self-sustaining programs, participants were supported in problem-solving and urged to reach their own solutions. We embraced the philosophy that a self-determined, locally controlled group of men and women understand their situation best and are the real agents of lasting change.

Another important aspect of MSK 2.0 was the fostering of alliances within the branch, state and national structure of the American Association of University Women. As always, inter-branch activity was encouraged for MSK 2.0
Finally, in order to work as effectively and efficiently as possible in addressing these critical issues, AAUW branches and membership were, and are, encouraged to form new alliances with like-minded organizations on the local, regional, and national level as well as nurture existing partnerships.

My Sister's Keeper project plan- Year One

The My Sister’s Keeper project was launched in July, 2010 and is a New York State American Association of University Women’s statewide project. The goal of My Sister’s Keeper is to foster a greater understanding of the plight of women worldwide and within our domestic borders. Individuals, interest groups and branches were encouraged to develop programming, volunteering, advocacy and education outlets for women suffering from the issues of gendercide, violence, lack of educational opportunities, the lack of maternal health care and support the rights of women, and gender equality.

Reference materials:

Award Submission Forms

The current branch Hall of Fame - activities and programs of the branches

FEATURED BOOK: Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn's Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide.

This is a must-read book for AAUW members interested in the plight of women worldwide. The authors compare emancipating women to the abolition of slavery and one of the most important movements of the century. Find out more about Gendercide, the millions of missing girls and what you can do both personally and as an AAUW branch to help.

Winners at the 2012 AAUW-NYS Convention of the "My Sister's Keeper" Awards (details here and a list of many branch initiatives here):

  • Honorable Mention: Schenectady and Westchester
  • Innovator: St Lawrence County
  • Role Model: Islip Area
  • Gem: Amsterdam-Gloversville-Johstown and Skaneateles
  • Keeper of the Year: Cecilia Dinio Durkin, Poughkeepsie Branch