Announcing Tech Savvy 9…
Tech Savvy Girls …
We Shine with Confidence from the Inside Out!

Fun workshops to inspire girls to pursue careers
in science, technology, engineering and math

For Western New York’s …
 6th to 9th grade girls
10th – 12th grade girls (on a Roll program with SAT Prep & Workshops)
& their parents, grandparents, teachers, counselors & other interested adults

Saturday, March 15, 2014                8:30 am - 5:00 pm       
SUNY Buffalo North Campus Student Union
(Shuttle from South Campus Available)

Register by February 20.  Online registration is now available HERE,
and pre-registration is required.  

Please register early. We often fill up, so late registrations may not be accepted.
 $5 per person. 
One Tech Savvy student will win a new laptop computer
and one student will win a new tablet!


What is Tech Savvy?
Tech Savvy is designed to encourage girls to explore science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) careers by a fun, illuminating day of activities.  Studies show that after middle school, girls often become disinterested in science and math courses.  High-school girls tend to enroll in science courses at lower levels than their male counterparts.  Tech Savvy is presented  and sponsored by the American Association of University Women Buffalo Branch, Inc.    Major support for Tech Savvy is provided the Praxair Foundation.  UB’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and WTS, Inc are  also co-sponsors of TS9.

About Tech Savvy 9… This Year’s Theme:

What’s the formula for Success?
Success  =  Persistence + Confidence + Resilience
And this year, at TS9,
we will focus on the second of these key ingredients: confidence


Stars are born within the clouds of dust and scattered throughout most galaxies…

As the cloud collapses, a dense, hot core forms and begins gathering dust and gas. Not all of this material ends up as part of a star — the remaining dust can become planets, asteroids, or comets or may remain as dust.

Stars are fueled by the nuclear fusion of hydrogen to form helium deep in their interiors. The outflow of energy from the central regions of the star provides the pressure necessary to keep the star from collapsing under its own weight, and the energy by which it shines..

Tech Savvy Girls, take a lesson from the stars:
Stars get their strength from deep within… and so does the Tech Savvy girl!

Many girls don’t reach their goal because they don’t think that they can!
So, one key to achieving success is to believe it on the inside…
and then the hard work begins.

This is particularly true in science and math.  People don’t just succeed because they are better in math and science.  They succeed, in part, because they believe that they can succeed.  (See "Why So Few" study, page 44/Chapter 4).
Science, engineering, and all of the Tech Savvy skills are gained through hard work, determination, and confidence. 

So, when you think you can’t, let’s apply a little Tech Savvy can-do attitude
starting deep within.   It works for the stars!




We are pleased to welcome “home” to Buffalo Bonita Seaton, of NASA.  Ms. Seaton is the Deputy Ground Segment and Operations Manager for the James Webb Space Telescope, responsible for the development and future operations of the Webb telescope Science and Operations Center.
Ms. Seaton was raised in Buffalo.  Her path to NASA was anything but straight-forward. She initially studied nursing at the State University of New York at Buffalo and after three years of study realized that nursing was not the right career path for her, although it was the only career she had considered.  She moved to Maryland and later went back to school at the University of Maryland. After taking her first computer science course, Ms. Seaton was hooked!
Ms. Seaton’s early technical work at NASA provided a solid foundation in software systems development. Her initial assignment was to develop a tool that would generate simulated science data for the Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite. During her career, Ms. Seaton has worked in a variety of technical leadership and management positions.
Ms. Seaton holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science and a master’s degree in Computer Systems Management, both from the University of Maryland.
See and read more about our own local star Bonnie Seaton at

Note: Due to unavoidable circumstances, Linda Cureton will not be able to join us for this year’s Tech Savvy.  We look forward to welcoming Ms. Cureton to Buffalo in the near future. Ms. Cureton has graciously provided to the AAUW Buffalo Branch copies of her book The Leadership Muse, and the branch thanks her for this kind generous gift.

About Tech Savvy … for Middle School Girls:

STEM WORKSHOPS:  This year, we have 26 fun, hands-on workshops in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) so that you can meet role models, learn about careers and STEM principles, and plan steps for successful preparation.  Whether you like robots, candy, ice cream, Mars Rovers, or the weather, we have fun covered!  The list of workshops and their descriptions is now available!

SAVVY SKILLS WORKSHOPS:  Look forward to cooking up your own set of skills that will lead you to success!  Your afternoon workshops will help you build skills that will take you into college and through life.

THE COLLEGE CORNER:  Every year, the College Corner changes just a bit to help you prepare for college…. In a fun way! 

 PLUS… There are fun games, lots of things to take home, friends to meet AND new skills to build.  We look forward to seeing you at Tech Savvy!

About Tech Savvy… for 10th  - 12th Grade Girls

Tech Savvy Girls on a Roll

So, you’ve attended Tech Savvy as a 6th, 7th, 8th, or 9th grader? 
Or perhaps you’re in high school and thinking seriously about your future.
In either case, Tech Savvy has something just for you. 

Very soon, you will be ready to go to college.  And we’re here to help you stay “on a roll”! 

You are invited to join us for a special set of activities for high school girls. 

SAT PRACTICE EXAM:  For all girls in 10-11 grade, we suggest taking a full SAT practice exam.  We also suggest the exam for girls in 12th grade who have not yet taken the SAT.  While this may not seem like fun at first, your time and preparation will be worth the investment.  We offer the practice exam at no charge, administered by The Princeton Review.  This year, Tech Savvy Girls on a Roll will have a chance to take the exam before March 15, and you will receive your scores during a session on March 15.

This year’s “on a roll” program will also contain enhanced workshops just for you! You’ll meet women in STEM fields and start prepping for college.  And, you’ll enjoy a lunch with your peers!

And there will be a few special prizes at the keynote session (just for 10th  - 12th grade girls!).

Tech Savvy Girls on a Roll is rolling…..  Tech Savvy Girls On A Roll doesn’t end at Tech Savvy 9.  You’ll enjoy more experiences throughout the year to keep you on the tech savvy path all the way to college!

Tech Savvy for Adults

Tech Savvy is not just for kids!  A full session of activities is scheduled for parents and other adults in the lives of girls!  This year, we’ll focus on Confidence Builders for Girls.  So, please join us for workshops and engaging discussion.  It is a day’s investment that will reap dividends in your child’s future! 

PARENTS: We have a special afternoon session planned just for you to be even more successful in instilling confidence in your girls as well as knocking down confidence deflators when planning for college.

TEACHERS: We have a special “Play” session planned for you… A teacher training session with the principals of NBA MATH HOOPS.  (This session is offered at no additional cost.)

A new lunch session is planned… all ways to keep engineering your girl to success!

Students and Adults: Sign up Soon!
Registration fee: $5 per person
Online registration available HERE

Also… Special Tech Savvy Announcements

Tech Savvy art contest… We’re looking for this year’s logo… Email your original artwork to by January 20!  …Click here for the information.

Want to print out the brochure? If your printer can handle it, here's the 11"x17" one page version. Otherwise, it's divided into four pages for normal home printers.

Tech Savvy is Growing….If you haven’t heard,  there will be 10 new Tech Savvy sites in 2014!  This is so exciting!  If you have friends in Mississippi; Connecticut, Chicagoland; Indianapolis; or any of the other new sites, please tell them to attend!

Directions to UB’s Campus - <<See Below>>

 Shuttle Information (from South Campus) <<See Below>> 

Here’s what Tech Savvy girls in their lives said* about Tech Savvy:
Glad I came… Now I think of science and math differently.
I might come here for college.
Feel more empowered like I can do anything…
This really helps girls to understand.  Thanks (AAUW) for understanding us.
I liked it so much & I think people can learn from this.
I did not know that much, and I discovered that women should be… because we have so much we can do.
This was the best educational (program) and fun to learn about all these fields and studies.
More fun than I expected
This is my second year… Wish this was open to 15-18 year olds.
Didn’t want to come, now I want to come back
It was perfect.
College Corner was fun
Good & helpful
Love this program- helped me bond with different (people) I’ve never met before.  Thank you.
You rock!

*Comments were summarized from actual feedback received after Tech Savvy  programs.


If you are traveling on Route 33 (the Kensington Expressway), take Route 33 to I-90 East and proceed to I-290 West.  Follow directions below for I-290**.

If you are traveling on I-190 South, follow I-190S to I-90 East and proceed to I-290 West.  Follow directions below for I-290**.

If you are traveling on I-190 North, follow I-190N to I-290 East.  Follow directions below for I-290**.

**From the I-290 (Youngman Expressway), take exit 5B (Millersport Highway North).  When you exit onto Millersport Highway, proceed through one traffic light, pass the Maple Road exit and continue to the next exit, Flint Road, to UB’s North Campus.  Once on campus, follow Flint to Augspurger; take left onto Augspurger.  Go to Hadley; take right onto Hadley.  Go to White Road; take right onto White Road.  From White Road, take a right into the Furnas Parking Lot.  (The Furnas Lot is just before White Road ends... If you reach Lee Road, you have just passed the Furnas Lot.)  Proceed to the far side of the lot to park.  The Student Union is just across the street from the parking lot.

If you are traveling on the I-990, take Exit 1 (UB Exit).  Once on campus, take a right onto the John James Audubon Parkway to Flint Road.  Take a left onto Flint Road.  Follow Flint to Augspurger; take left onto Augspurger.  Go to Hadley; take right onto Hadley.  Go to White Road; take right onto White Road.  From White Road, take a right into the Furnas Parking Lot.  (The Furnas Lot is just before White Road ends... If you reach Lee Road, you have just passed the Furnas Lot.)  Proceed to the far side of the lot to park.  The Student Union is just across the street from the parking lot.


If arriving at the SUNY Buffalo SOUTH Campus and taking the Shuttle to the North Campus

UB’s South Campus is located at the corner of Main Street (Route 5) and Bailey Avenue (Route 62).  
(Please note: The NFTA MetroRail provides service to the UB South Campus. There is an NFTA Metro Bus stop near the Main/Bailey Lot.)

When you reach the South Campus, please proceed to the Main/Bailey Lot.  (Parking spaces are available at the Main/Bailey lot.)  In order to ride the shuttle, please proceed to the center of the Main/Bailey Lot and convene in the shuttle shelter. 

Please note that the shuttle will leave the Main/Bailey Lot at 8:00 am.  You must be present at the shuttle shelter by 7:45 am in order to be transported to the North Campus. 

Note: The Shuttle must be reserved.  There is a $1 shuttle fee, payable with your registration.  For planning purposes, you must indicate on your registration form  whether or not you plan to take the shuttle from the South Campus.