REGISTRATION - AAUW-NYS Summer Conference, July 21-23, 2017


Cazenovia College, Cazenovia, NY

Please fill out the form online-one form per person, then click the "submit" button at the bottom. If you receive an error message, please click the "back" option on your browser. Then correct the error and click the "submit" button again.

First Name:
Last Name:


Street Address:

Branch Position for 2017-2018:
State Position for 2017-2018:
In the box below, please indicate any special dietary needs.

We need a complete count since we are charged for each meal and each night's lodging. NYS subsidizes the fees for those staying overnight. Please indicate your attendance expectations:

Entire Weekend
(two nights lodging and six meals)
$115 if registering online, $120 if registering on paper
OR (if not staying the whole time):

Meals I will be eating: (Check as appropriate)

Friday Dinner ($11.00)
Saturday Breakfast ($6.00)
Saturday Lunch ($8.00)
Saturday Dinner ($11.00)
Sunday Breakfast ($6.00)
Sunday Lunch ($8.00)

Nights I will be staying: (Check as appropriate)

Friday ($46)

Saturday ($46) 

We are staying in a dorm with mini-suites. The suites have two to five small single rooms sharing one bath and small lounge area. Please provide names of those you wish to share a suite with, and please make sure that your friends include the same names.

Name of suitemate(s) - optional


When you have completed the form, please click on the "submit" button to the left. If you receive an error message, simply click your "back" button to make corrections.

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